Message From Founder Director

Dear Students and Parents,

On the behalf of SPECIAL JAPANESE LANGUAGE, I would like to thank and warmly welcome you to the website. I am delighted that you have desided to visit our website and read this preface to our brochure. I present this as a Nepali youth who has faced adversity and forged ahead in his quest for high standards and I assure that you have chosen right place for your study plan in Japan. The main purpose of writing this message is a hope of delivering my experience as an international student to the enthusiastic youths of Nepal. 

It is a quite challenging task for a Nepali student to stand out in the international student body but on exception, there are many who have proved it wrong. The only thing that cherished them is an unwavering focus and unswering commitment. It actually begins at the very stage you are in as you read this message.

Some of you may be matured enough to handle the problems on your own and some of you are in the state of getting matureness, so have to depend on other for many decisive and high stake situations. No matter what you have done academically and professionally till now, but the only activity that desides your future is what you do from now on. 

I see a bright future for you. Besides, I also see lots of responsibilities that need to be fulfilled by you to reach your full potential. Make your morning good and your day will be better.

All the best for your future plans.

Amrit Giri
Founder Director

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